At POLIMI Graduate School of Management we create meaningful paths for future business leaders and the businesses they will lead,

guided by the over-arching belief that we have a crucial role to play in shaping a better world for all.
We believe that education is key to preparing future leaders, equipping them with the hands-on experience and practical skills they will need in order to meet the most important challenges society faces ahead.


Founded in our human centric approach we believe in innovation and entrepreneurship through the exchange of ideas and through practical experiences and expertise

which is why we are constantly evolving our programmes and offers in line with this, forging strong networks and actively partnering with national and international companies and business schools.
We also work to improve our environments, designing inspirational centres where our students can enjoy innovative and entrepreneurial atmospheres to inspire and connect great thinking, great minds and innovative mindsets with the latest technology


We feel that any business leader, and any business on the planet, through innovation, creativity and purpose, can play a key role in shaping our future. At POLIMI GSoM we are proud of our passionate belief in creating a better future for all.


Based in Milan, Italy’s main business centre, POLIMI GSoM was created over 40 years ago as MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business and it is a not-for-profit Consortia Limited Company, part of the Politecnico di Milano ecosystem and the Politecnico School of Management.

We offer more than 40 master degrees, including MBA and EMBA, and a catalogue of over 200 open programmes, along with customised training for companies. We continue to innovate and our digital learning systems allow us to seamlessly integrate current and continuous learning into our programmes and have placed us amongst the top-ranked Online MBA rankings globally.

Board of Directors

  • Camilla Benedetti
  • Carlo Maria Capè
  • Giorgio Colombo
  • Massimo Gaetano Colombo
  • Alessandro Lombardi
  • Antonio Marco Ornito
  • Carolina Bianca Francesca Pacchi
  • Alessandro Perego
  • Alessandro Pozzetti
  • Cristina Zucchetti