We’ve taken on a new name. Because we feel we are a new school.

MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business becomes POLIMI Graduate School of Management.

This is a very important development for us, part of the great journey of change that began in 2020, when we redefined our purpose and core values and launched a new strategic plan.


Why POLIMI Graduate School of Management?

To further strengthen the link with the Politecnico di Milano ecosystem, with the School of Management of which we are a part, and with our city, all aspects that represent distinctive features and important values for us.


The new name also brings with it a new logo, a new visual identity.

The logo is simple, typographic, denoting a practical and functional approach. One element provides strong characterisation: the perfectly circular O of the word POLIMI, representing the centrality of the school, its role as a hub.

The colour blue, symbolic of the Politecnico di Milano, reminds us of the grand history of this specific place.

Blue joins the other three colours launched in recent weeks, each with a precise meaning: pink represents human warmth; green the focus on sustainability; brick red our attitude to doing, as well as the architectural details of our new Navigli campus.


Shaping purposeful futures

is the message that sums up our path of change, oriented from the outset by our purpose – We are committed to inspire and partner with innovators to shape a better future for all – and then developed through the three words we have presented to you in recent weeks: Make, Connect, Ignite.

The challenge now is to ensure that this change lives on in all our actions. We will not just communicate our values and ambitions: we will live and breathe them, every day.