Supply Chain Management
12 months
Part Time
September 2022
Tuition Fee
€ 18500 (Individual)
€ 21500 (Companies)
Professional Experience
More than 3 years

Tel: +39 02 2399 2820


Supply chain and operations management is a key part of international business success. If you are fighting for a competitive advantage at a global level, you need the right skills to build strategies that boost your revenue and lower costs.

This can only come through knowledge and innovative ideas. That’s why we’ve created this Global Executive Master in Operations & Supply Chain (GEMOS), in its new distance learning format. It is a twelve-month long part time programme offered by us at POLIMI GSoM, in partnership with EADA Business School, in Barcelona, Spain.

We have completely redesigned the programme for managers and professionals that want to boost their knowledge on the most advanced SCM topics. We give you the tools  you need to cope with the major challenges and trends that are reshaping supply chains in our modern world.

For this reason, you will have the unique opportunity to learn directly from managers and professionals from leading companies who are actively involved in the master.

Some of the companies involved are: Advision, Amplifon, Bauli, Bulgari, Carrefour, Danieli, Estee Lauder, IKEA, Leonardo, L’oréal, Lindt, Sea Aeroporti, Whirpool

You’ll have a flexible programme and a practice-based approach, including real case studies and sessions, as well as simulations and company visits. With this Master, you’ll be able to expand your knowledge, enhance your leadership skills, take advantage of networking opportunities and be ready to play a pivotal role in your organisation.


We’ve reshaped the programme and made it more flexible for professionals who wish to boost their skillset without changing their personal and professional schedules.

You will have live sessions Tuesday and Thursday from 7.00pm to 9.30pm CET, challenges, simulation games, video clips, Q&A.

Our GEMOS students also have access to our innovative digital learning platform, which was developed by POLIMI GSoM on MICROSOFT technology. This platform takes advantage of our years of experience with online learning and is recognised in the top 10 worldwide according to QS Online MBA Rankings.


We give you the chance to dive into a unique and international learning experience. You will learn from a multinational faculty coming from two international partner schools and from your international classmates coming from all over the world.

On top of that, you will have the opportunity to live two full‐time international weeks one in Europe and one in China.


During the programme you will have the unique opportunity to work first hand with more than 20 companies directly involved in the master. You will have a variety of opportunities to widen your network, as we provide you with the chance to look into how companies operate and learn directly from professionals and managers from the business world.

Moreover, you will have the chance to interact with the Corporate Advisory Board (CAB), the international consultancy committee of the Global Executive Master in Operations and Supply Chain Management composed by independent business professionals from global companies.

To find out more on the GEMOS Corporate Advisory Board, take a look at the brochure.


We teach you in a highly active and ‘hands-on’ way, with an emphasis on the ‘learning by doing’. This method reflects companies’ demand for professionals with skills such as the capacity to reflect, the ability to act in the face of change, the versatility to work in teams and the adaptability to face the challenges of a global environment.

Since our programme is part time, you have plenty of time to take ideas and practices learnt in class and put them directly into practice in your current job. This way you can grow and develop your skills at the same time as you effectively implement them in real-world situations.

To top it off, you will be able to train your skills through 9 company-led challenges, case studies, simulation games (The Connections), analysis, discussion groups and team-working activities. Put theory into practice by constantly working on real-life business cases and making strategic decisions.


Nowadays it’s fundamental to have a wide range of transferable soft skills to lead effectively and to face the future with adaptability. This means that your personal and professional skills are now invaluable in today’s rapidly changing and demanding business environment.

Skills such as communication skills, the ability to work effectively in teams, leadership qualities, decision-making skills and the capacity to resolve conflicts in a constructive way are the hallmarks of all great leaders. We focus on these elements so we can transform operations and supply chain personnel into true leaders.


At the end of the programme – put into practice what you’ve learnt during your GEMOS journey to real context working on a company – based project work.


Our Global Executive Master in Oerations & Supply Chain (GEMOS) gives you a double diploma – a POLIMI GSoM Diploma and a University Master Diploma issued by the Politecnico di Milano. The second depends on the assessment of enrolment prerequisites.


As the old saying goes, you get out what you put in. By investing in the training of your employees, you’re actively enhancing your resources and improving your business with top-notch talent.

Our students not only enhance their own skill set but also add value to their company while studying. Bring your employee’s skills up to date with the latest trends in the field of operations and supply chain management while they keep working in your company.

You’ll get an immediate return on investment with our “learning by doing” method, which gives your employees the chance to immediately apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills in the workplace.

And that’s not all. At the end of our programme, the company-based final Project work can be done directly in your company. This project will develop an action plan in operations and supply chain management to improve the company’s competitive position.

  • Nine online, live, company‐led monthly challenges
  • Two full‐time international weeks (one in Europe and one in China), from Sunday evening to Saturday afternoon
  • Two simulation games (The Connections) on circular Supply Chains and Supply Chain Finance respectively
  • One concentration on leadership skills, to bring together your hard and soft skills
  • Your final company‐based project work


Are you ready for a challenge? Our programme includes challenges, which represent some of the most dreadful and painful key issues within operations and supply chain management. These are things that companies are well-aware of, but often haven’t found ways of minimising them. These are the challenges you will be involved in:

  • Supply chain strategy
  • Global supply chain management
  • Factory planning via big data
  • Smart manufacturing
  • Digital procurement
  • Managing distribution networks
  • Supply chain sustainability
  • Supply chain innovation
  • Supply chain risk management  


Our first international week is in Europe – in Milan (Italy) and Barcelona (Spain) – and happens at the beginning of the programme.

This week will give you an in‐depth understanding of how European business operates in domestic and global markets, with an emphasis on operations and supply chain management. We also put a lot of focus on your team‐building skills. At the end of the week, you’ll have a full‐day campus experience totally devoted to leadership skills. We are directly involved in this international experience, together with EADA.

What do you expect? Lectures, company visits, in-company classes, visits to the Politecnico di Milano labs, networking activities, a visit to Barcelona’s ports, and lots of chances to exploit both hard and soft skills in inspiring and innovative ways.


We have a truly international experience waiting for you. Our second International Week moves to China, getting you fully immersed at Beijing Jiaotong University and at Xi’an Jiaotong University. 

Beijing Jiaotong University was founded by the Qing Government in 1909, growing out of the former Beijing Railway Management Institute. It is still one of the most important universities in telecommunications and railway management in China. It’s also the first higher educational institute specialized in educating managers in China. 

Xi’an Jiaotong University is grounded in its strengths in engineering, technology, management, and life sciences. It has five key national laboratories, four special national laboratories, and two national engineering research centres, and it is the hub of the University Alliance of the Silk Road.


Do you feel like a leader? Leaders help themselves and others to do the right thing in the right situation. They set direction, build an inspiring vision, and work hard to create something new.

In business, we know that leadership is linked to performance, and any definition of leadership needs to take that into account. We know that anyone can learn to become an inspiring leader. That’s why we concentrate on Leadership Skills, so we can help transform operations and supply chain personnel into real leaders.


Put theory into practice with our Business Project work. This is a short project done at the end of your course. The goal of your project will be to develop an action plan in operations and supply chain management, to improve the company’s competitive position.

The specific goals of this project are:

  • To apply the knowledge, you have gained to a specific business situation
  • To identify the gaps between corporate or business strategy and operations/supply chain strategy (implementation)
  • To develop a feasible, complete, coherent, and convincing plan of action
  • To develop your research and presentation skills

You can do your project work wherever you like, which means it can be done in company where you work now, or even in a different one.


Please note that we process applications on a rolling basis, which means they may close even before this deadline. Our limited number of seats available in the class means the sooner you apply, the better.


The first thing you need to do is the Online Application, uploading your updated CV/resume in English. You will also need to pay the application fee (EUR €100), which can be done on the application platform itself, via Flywire* or through a regular bank transfer. The rest of your documents can be sent after the motivational interview.

* You can easily pay your tuition and fees online via Flywire, our preferred payment partner. Flywire is a secure international payment service that simplifies payments from your home country or other countries around the world. Payment options include bank transfers, credit cards, e-wallets and more, typically in the local currency.


Our admissions team will let you know if you have been selected for the next part of the selection process.


You need to upload these documents on our platform to complete your application pack:

  • Your university degrees and transcripts
  • A motivational letter
  • Reference letter/s (these aren’t mandatory)
  • Copy of a valid passport
  • Digital passport-sized picture


We have a careful selection process when choosing participants for the GEMOS programme, and we limit it to a fixed number of students. This makes sure we can give you the best environment for personal development as well as for group learning.

We thoroughly study everything you put in the online application, so remember to fill it out carefully and give us any extra material you think might help your candidature.

Our selection will take into account your professional and academic background through a video interview. We’ll then send you an email with the result.

Our GEMOS programme costs €18,500 if you are self-sponsored and to €21,500 if you are sponsored by a company.

You might find our GEMOS programme more accessible with help from our Financial Aid Programme, given by POLIMI GSoM and EADA Business School.

These contributions are mostly based on merit and academic excellence, especially regarding significant experience or contribution in the field of operations and supply chain management. Our criteria for each contribution are diverse, with some open to all applicants, while others are based on individual circumstances.

If you’d like financial aid, you need to request it when you submit your application form – please note that late requests for financial aid won’t be considered.


Submit your application online and tick the box showing that you are interested in POLIMI GSoM financial aid.
Fill out the Financial Aid Request Form – we will send this to you in an e-mail, just fill it out and upload it on the online platform.

Contributions from POLIMI GSoM


International diversity is invaluable to us here at POLIMI GSoM. If you are a talented individual coming from an underrepresented country, we would like to help out with partial waivers up to 30% so we can boost international diversity within the class.

To be eligible for this contribution, you need to meet the admission requirements and send us a small passage (no more than 500 words) at the application stage. You should write about the following topic:

“How do you think your cultural background can add value to the GEMOS class?”


At POLIMI GSoM we actively promote gender equality, which is why we made this contribution to allow women greater accessibility to the programme, and in doing so to increase class diversity.

if you have shown outstanding merit and achievement in an academic or professional sense, you might be eligible for these contributions of up to €4,000 each.

If you’d like to try out for this competition, you need to meet the admission requirements and send us a small passage (no more than 500 words) at the application stage. Write about the following topic:

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.”
Malala Yousafzai – 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Tell us about a time when you took a stand as a woman, in order to have a positive impact in the society in which we live.


  • If you are an international candidate or an Italian candidate, you can access student loans to cover your tuition fee and other expenses.
    Please write to us at for more details.
  • If you are a German student, you can also apply for the student loan offered by Deutsche Bildung. You can do the online application anytime throughout the year at


Are you one of our past graduates? You can get a fee reduction if you have graduated from various programmes at POLIMI GSoM or EADA.

  • You can get 25% off if you have completed a Master programme, an MBA or an Executive MBA
  • You can get 10% off if you have completed an Executive Path (Management Academy) 

Please note that if you are partially sponsored by a company, the Alumni Waiver will be proportional to your individual fee. If you are fully sponsored, you are not eligible for the Alumni Waiver.


You can also get a fee reduction if you have graduated from the Politecnico di Milano. You need to have shown a strong commitment to your studies and a desire to further your professional development through continued education. If that sounds like you, you could be entitled to a €2,000 POLIMI GSoM contribution.


Are you willing to act as a Class Representative or Tutor? If so, you could receive a contribution of up to 35%. We are offering this to 2 of our Global Executive Master in Operations & Supply Chain candidates.

Discover more here


Meet our representatives, join our online presentations or even visit our campus:

Check out our events


Our recruitment team is available for a 30-minute one-to-one info session to guide you through the contents, contributions available and the selection process of our programme.

To book your info-session please click on the link here below and fill out the booking form. One of our representatives will get in contact with you to set up the meeting.


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