Luxury Management
12 months + 3 months of project work
Part Time
September 2023
Tuition Fee
€ 24000
Professional Experience
Less than 3 years

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We all know you can’t put a price on luxury. But the success of a luxury brand is very dependent on successful management strategies, techniques, and approaches that can generate value for customers, brands, and other stakeholders.

If you are a luxury manager, it’s now vital that you’ve got the right skills to manage a brand both in a booming economy as well as during downturns. But luxury brands are actually pretty slow in taking up digital strategies into their business models and value chains. Nowadays, digital transformation is urgently needed to make sure luxury value is achieved, so you can balance the needs and meet the expectations of your stakeholders.

That’s why we’ve developed our Global Master for Luxury Business Professionals. With this programme, we’re aiming to fulfil this growing need in the Luxury Business Management field. We at POLIMI GSoM have paired with Istituto Marangoni to develop this 12-month modular programme – which will give you a POLIMI GSoM diploma as well as a Diploma Certificate issued by Istituto Marangoni when you finish.

Attendees will also get the chance to live 3 international experiences tutored by representatives of key luxury industry players.

Are you already working in the luxury business field? Or maybe you’re looking to kickstart a new career? Whatever you situation, our international Global Master for Luxury Business Professionals will get you ready, training you up on the latest developments and shifts in the field.

This sector is continuously evolving and adapting to the updated needs and behaviours of its consumers, so it’s absolutely essential to be trained on the main features and characteristics of luxury brands, and how new technologies and the digital experience have become a big asset.

You will learn about how luxury brands have updated their business models through new practices such as disruptive innovation and experiential marketing. Plus, you’ll have the unique opportunity to experience first-hand how luxury is managed in key world capitals such as Milan, Paris and London.

Our programme develops the skills you need to be a current and future manager of the Luxury Industry. You’ll learn about managing luxury businesses, as well as improving approaches to risk management, decision making, and leadership. We give you lots of opportunities to engage and interact through different projects and tasks, which you’ll do with industry speakers, academics, industry experts, analysts, and consultants from the luxury world. That means you’ll get the academic and practical aspects of luxury management in an integrated way.

Thanks to our unique partnerships, you’ll also have direct contact with companies, through business seminars, lectures and company visits.


Our Faculty is made up of top-notch professors from both Istituto Marangoni and POLIMI GSoM.

This Global Master for Luxury Business Professionals also benefits from our collaboration with experienced luxury professionals, who are on hand to teach you the lessons they’ve learned and the best practices that came out of their work experience. This means you get a highly hands-on approach based on lessons with real cases, exercises, group work and project work supervised by first-rate professors.

The international course Global Master for Luxury Business Professionals aims to train professionals who already work in the field (or are interested in starting a new career) on its latest developments and shifts.

Our Global Master for Luxury Business Professionals is made to give luxury professionals key skills needed to manage a brand, through an in-depth and integrated focus on the topics that bridge the gap between the creative and business worlds:

  • Managing a luxury brand in different scenarios, focusing on strategic, managerial, and social areas of luxury retail business and industry dynamics
  • Designing innovative strategies that capitalise on the luxury field’s dynamic nature, so you can meet the current and future needs of your stakeholders
  • Transforming luxury business models and value chains, through a deep understanding of the complex relationships between supply chain management, disruptive innovation, pricing, experiential marketing, and digital transformation
  • Adopting data-driven strategies to rethink approaches around value creation, sustainable luxury, leadership, and performance management.

Our Global Master for Luxury Business Professionals is a 15 months programme. It is divided into 5 main blocks and ends with a final Project Work.


You can take part in courses:

  • In synchronous mode where you take part in live sessions on Tuesday and Thursday (7pm-9pm CET)
  • In asynchronous mode where you watch clips and recordings of our live sessions. 


Our programme includes three international on-location weeks built to integrate and enhance the participants’ learning experience. These study tours allow participants to experience first-hand the vibrant environment of 3 of the main world capitals of luxury and fashion: Milan, Paris and London. Through a well-balanced mix of onsite visits and in-School classes, they get the unique opportunity to further enrich their knowledge of business practices and strategic approaches in Luxury related to specific countries and their markets. To face all needs, partecipants will be also able to follow the seminars remotely.

Milan Week 
This week provides an immersive experience for participants, focusing on the international meaning of luxury, from both a brand and a consumer perspective. This luxury experience study tour offers first-hand insights into the Italian Luxury DNA and the value of traditional craftsmanship. 

Paris Week 

The Parisian week gives participants an opportunity to learn more about the evolving value in luxury brands, with a specific focus on focus on couture, but also about the reality of big luxury conglomerates. 

London Week 

During their week in London, participants get to explore the dynamic environment of the new luxury industry, shaped by disruptive innovation, as well as by sustainability. They get a closer look at topics and practices linked to responsible luxury and the challenges ahead of the Industry.


We’ve divided the course into 5 main blocks:

Core courses in General Management

  • Strategy
  • Corporate finance
  • Financial accounting
  • Project management
  • Innovation Management 

The international meaning of luxury

  • Introduction to luxury sector
  • Contemporary European luxury
  • The new American luxury
  • Emerging markets

Evolving Value in luxury

  • Design management and collection development
  • Supply chain and operations management
  • Marketing and brand management 

The disruption in the “new” luxury industry

  • Technology – The luxury digital experience
  • Consumers – The new meaning of innovation for luxury
  • ESG – Responsible luxury 

Luxury Experience Study Tour

  • Italy: Luxury DNA, Heritage of Craftsmanship
  • France: Branding, conglomerates, couture & provocation
  • UK: Technology, Innovation for luxury, Responsible luxury 

Put theory into practice with your final Project Work.

Scheduled for the second half of your Master, this creative project is done with the support of the POLIMI GSoM Faculty. It is an excellent chance for you to create a consultancy project, applying the tools and methods you have learnt during your Master to tackle issues of interest to companies and build valuable relationships that are useful for your professional career.


Please note that we process applications on a rolling basis, which means they may close even before the deadline dates. Our limited number of seats available in the class means the sooner you apply, the better.


Activate your Online Application, uploading your updated CV/resume in English. You will also need to pay the application fee (EUR €100), which you can do online on the application platform itself via Flywire* or through a regular bank transfer. The rest of your documents can be uploaded later. The application fee is non-refundable.

*You can easily pay your tuition and fees online via Flywire, our preferred payment partner. Flywire is a secure international payment service that simplifies payments from your home country or other countries around the world. Payment options include bank transfers, credit cards, e-wallets and more, typically in the local currency.


Our admissions team will let you know if you have been selected for a Video Interview.


You need to upload these documents on our platform to complete your application:

  • University Degree and your transcripts
  • Motivational letter
  • 1 or 2 letters of reference (these are optional)
  • Copy of your Passport
  • A digital passport sized photography


We have a careful selection process when choosing participants for this Master, and we limit it to a fixed number of students. This makes sure we can give you the best environment for personal development as well as for group learning. We thoroughly study everything you put in the online application, so remember to fill it out carefully and give us any extra material you think might help your candidature.

We will evaluate you based on your professional and academic background with a video interview, and let you know the results via email. Our final decision can be positive or negative, and will depend on the scores given for each of the different parts of your application.

Thanks to an exclusive partnership with luxury industry key players, students will receive a contribution that will reduce the fee of the master.


  • You might find our Global Master for Luxury Business Professionals programme more accessible with help from our Financial Aid Programme
  • These contributions are mostly based on merit and academic excellence, as well as personal and professional achievement, especially if you show strong leadership potential and superior interpersonal skills
  • Please note that we’ve restricted these contributions to self-funded candidates, and they are applied straight to your tuition fee.

If you’d like financial aid, you need to request it when you submit your application form – please note that late requests for financial aid won’t be considered.

Thanks to an exclusive partnership with luxury industry key players, students will receive a contribution that will reduce the fee of the master.


Candidates submitting their application by April 15th 2023, are eligible for an early bird reduction amounting to €1,000.

Contributions on the tuition fee are available for Alumni of various programs at POLIMI GSOM or Istituto Marangoni:
– Alumni who completed a Master program, an MBA or an Executive MBA are entitled to a discount of 15%;
– Alumni who completed an Executive Path (Management Academy) are entitled to a discount of 10%.
Please note that in case of company sponsorship, if partial, the Alumni Waiver is applied proportionally on the individual fee. If the company sponsorship is full, the Alumni Waiver will not be applied.
For information on how to apply for this contribution, please write to

Alumni of Politecnico di Milano who have previously shown a strong commitment to their studies and a desire to further their professional development through continued education are entitled to a contribution from POLIMI GSOM of € 3,000.
For information on how to apply for this contribution, please write to

If you are an international candidate or an Italian candidate, you can access student loans to cover your tuition fee and other expenses.


Access a completely flexible loan with Deutsche Bildung, which finances almost all programmes and subjects in Germany and abroad. They’ve been providing monthly as well as single and returning payments to motivated students since 2007. You also have access to the extra-curricular-program WissenPlus, which focuses on the improvement of important social and professional skills. The repayments are income-linked, meaning that you pay back a fixed percentage over a certain time once you have started your first job.

You can do the online application anytime throughout the year at

An innovative and creative spirit is worth a lot to us, which is why Istituto Marangoni is offering several contributions of up to 50% of the tuition fee for this Master, developed together with POLIMI GSoM, to support talented students. 

If you have worked in the past or wish to develop a start-up business project, apply for the GMLBP Contest by submitting your personal proposal. All the contest applications must be submitted by March, 31st.

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Our recruitment team is available for a 30-minute one-to-one info session to guide you through the contents, contributions available and the selection process of our programme.

To book your info-session please click on the link here below and fill out the booking form. One of our representatives will get in contact with you to set up the meeting.


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