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October 2023

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€ 39.000 (Company sponsored)
€ 34.000 (Individual)
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More than 3 years

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Our world is going through unprecedented change, and we need a new generation of leaders. Leaders with advanced management skills who leverage the power of purpose to deliver outstanding performance and who contribute positively to society.
This International Full-Time MBA is the cornerstone of our business school. That’s why we have completely redesigned the programme as a New Generation MBA. We take delight in preparing brilliant minds for the future, as we train you to be the next leaders of world-renowned companies.
So what makes our International Full-Time MBA different? We help you develop the skills needed to establish and guide a purposeful organisation, coaching you to become future managers, entrepreneurs, policymakers and professionals.

Nowadays it’s clear that profit and purpose don’t need to oppose each other. If you want to keep up with the times, you need to rethink a company’s purpose, and play a concrete role in society.
That brings us to our biggest challenge: to help you, our future business leaders and managers, to be more confident and conscious about what we call “the purpose revolution”.
We at POLIMI GSoM have launched our New Generation MBA for exactly this reason. This unique Master will prepare you for success, give meaning to that success, and contribute to building a better future for all. – Federico Frattini, POLIMI GSoM Dean



The ability to cope with purpose is a hot topic for all companies, consulting firms, not-for-profit organisations and individuals. That’s why we have reworked our International Full-Time MBA to train a new generation of responsible, skilled and capable managers. Since we are the only school in the world to take this step, we are proud to welcome you into this paradigm-shifting programme. Welcome to the New Generation MBA.

So why should you choose this New Generation MBA with us?


The New Generation MBA will not only deliver advanced management skills but will combine these with tools to unleash the latent power of purpose and enable a new generation of leaders to meet the unique challenges of the 21st century. In addition to covering the core topics from a traditional MBA, this full-time programme will teach you how to generate and sustain higher levels of meaningfulness, motivation and effectiveness.


We offer this programme in official collaboration with multinational and Italian companies, who are involved right from the start. These MBA Partner Companies bring you networking events, mentorship, business seminars, and can even offer you funding opportunities, project work and job opportunities.


POLIMI GSoM’s one-of-a-kind Career Development Office (CDO) is here to give you a personalised careers service. We will guide and assist you for the recruitment process with our MBA Partner Companies as well as all the companies in our network. The CDO’s goal is to give you the right opportunities to grow in your post-MBA career.


Make the most of your MBA journey and immerse yourself in a highly international environment. With on average 70% international candidates coming from all over the world, you will not only have the chance to hone your intercultural skills, but you will be exposed to different mindsets and ways of problem solving brought on by our students’ diverse academic and professional backgrounds.


The programme offers four different specialisation paths:

  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Startup Development
  • Digital Transformation and Big Data
  • Luxury and Design Management
  • Global and Sustainable
  • Management

This programme issues a “1st level Master” degree from Politecnico di Milano for those who already meet the university requirements.


You will start your studies with the Core Courses in General Management that are divided into four pillars: Analysing the business and the context; Managing business activities and processes; Planning innovation and transformation; and Realising innovation and transformation (September to February).

After this period (March to May), you will dive into the specialisations phase, which allows you to choose among the following:

  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Start-up Development
    With this option you will go deeper into the challenges of digital and entrepreneurial innovation and learn to bring an entrepreneurial viewpoint to problem analysis. We talk about digital and process innovation from a startup point of view and focus on the challenges of family businesses.
  • Digital Transformation & Big Data
    Here, you will understand how digital transformation is drastically changing company processes and business models, and how this data revolution may be the new oil for business success.
  • Luxury & Design Management
    You will get to know the main management logics and major success factors in the luxury and design sectors. With the support of companies, this option gets you analysing the main value processes, from the start of an idea to its diffusion.
  • Global & Sustainable Management
    Here you can learn about the future challenges that an enlightened leader will not only have to manage but also harness to expand your business in a sustainable way. You can also do international exchanges, like a study tour in Silicon Valley, as well as doing business in China or Mexico.

The final months of your MBA studies are dedicated to the Project Work which could be an internship, a consulting project, a professional thesis or the development of a business plan (June to August/September).

While taking the abovementioned courses, you will simultaneously learn to work with purpose through dedicated workshops, actively construct your own career strategy and path with the Career Development Centre and apply your freshly gained knowledge through the Experience Gym, a series of experiential activities run in collaboration with our MBA Partner Companies.

A leading MBA programme designed with Official Partner Companies.

We offer our International Full-Time MBA programme in Official Partnership with International and Italian Companies.

These companies provide you with key involvement through project work, company sponsorships and placement opportunities. 

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Our POLIMI GSoM Career Development Centre offers International Full-Time MBA students a highly customised and innovative programme, with the objective of developing the career management skills that make a candidate competitive in today’s complex job market.

You will also be helped to identify a higher meaning for your career, with a view to the long term. Assessments will be undertaken at the beginning and end of your MBA programme, to demonstrate how your profile has evolved to be consistent with your purpose.

Professional coaching will provide an all-round guide to career planning, taking a human-centric approach so that as a future leader, understanding motivation, you will know how to inspire your team and bring them with you on the journey towards your goals.

Discover more on our Career Development Center

As a participant on the International Full-Time MBA course, you have the opportunity to take part in short- or long-term exchanges as well as international study tours, or even a dual-degree programme with MIT Boston.

The exchanges may last from one week to three months. In general, the cost of your tuition fee and programme materials are waived, so you only pay for your own travel, accommodation, health insurance and any other incidental costs.

Dual Degree – MIT

We also have a Dual Degree programme together with the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, in Boston. This makes it possible for you to study in two schools in two different countries and enjoy everything that both cultures have to offer. Add to that the fact that you also gain exposure to two ways of doing business and two different networks of professionals. After you finish the MBA with us at POLIMI GSoM, you can attend an extra year in the USA to gain even more experience.

The dual degree option is for you if you have a strong interest in the supply chain and logistics area.

At the end of this Dual Programme, you will be awarded an MBA Diploma from us at POLIMI GSoM as well as a Master’s degree in Supply Chain and Logistics from the MIT Supply Chain Management Programme. 

Please note that all agreements may be subject to change. If you need more information, please write to us at

We at POLIMI GSoM have hit a great milestone, attaining all the most prestigious Business School international awards joining the few top business schools with a triple accreditation.

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Our International Full-Time MBA tuition fee is €39,000, and you are also eligible for a Company Sponsorship of €5,000 by our MBA Partner Companies.

You might find our International Full-Time MBA more accessible with help from our Financial Aid Programme. This ranges from merit-based tuition fee contributions to company sponsorships. Financial Aid can even cover up to 50% of your tuition fee!

Please note that we don’t offer full scholarships, and that the DSU and other scholarships offered by Politecnico di Milano and the Italian Government cannot be used for POLIMI GSoM’s programmes.

We give priority to early applications for Financial Assistance and Tuition Fee Contributions, and they are mainly merit-based.

You can also combine multiple MBA tuition fee contributions and scholarships, awards, or financial support. This is possible even if you receive them from different public or private organisations and companies, but make sure the total amount isn’t more than the total registration fee. Please take note that you will need to self-certify that these contributions don’t exceed the total fee.

If you are being sponsored by your company, please write to us at for more details.

You should also note that the criteria for tuition fee contributions can change from one year to the next, at our discretion. If you receive money, you need to comply with all conditions for the entire duration of our MBA programme. Your rights to benefit from contributions depend on regular completion of the programme.

Discover more on our financial aid opportunities.


We have a careful selection process when choosing participants for the MBA, and we limit it to a fixed number of students. This makes sure we can give you the best environment for personal development as well as for group learning.

We thoroughly study everything you put in the online application, so remember to fill it out carefully and give us any extra material you think might help your candidature.

We will take into account your professional and academic background, motivational interview performance and an aptitude test score (GMAT/GRE/POLIMI GSoM Test).

Our selection process evaluates your individual profile while also taking into account the MBA class composition, which needs to be in line with the quality and diversity the school requires. Acceptance onto our courses is based on your ability to excel, not only academically, but also in the business community.


Fill in the form at and upload these documents:

  • Your CV in English
  • University Degree or equivalent from an accredited institution
  • Official University Transcripts
  • GMAT/GRE score if you have it (this is optional but highly recommended)
  • Certificate of English Proficiency. You can also send your scores directly to us though our school (7455)
  • Motivational statement in PDF format  – to explain why you want to do an MBA and why you are the right fit for POLIMI GSoM. Choose the format you prefer – a traditional essay or even a slide presentation (there is no minimum or maximum length for either of these).
  • Two Letters of Reference (optional)
    Copy of your Passport or ID
    Digital Picture
    Pay the Application Fee (EUR €150)

Read the selections’ guidelines


We will let you know if you have been selected for a Motivational Interview and POLIMI GSoM Test.
If you have a valid GMAT score of 590 or higher, you won’t need to take the POLIMI GSoM Test.


Once our Admissions Team gets feedback from the interviewer, your application will be evaluated and then presented to the Admissions Committee, who then decides whether you will be accepted or rejected.

We will send you an email with our final decision on your application; please note that we don’t provide individual answers to non-admitted candidates.


After you receive our email and the admission contract, we ask you kindly to confirm your participation in the programme by paying the first instalment.


Meet our representatives in your country, join our online presentations or even visit our campus and go to an MBA Class!

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Our Marketing Representatives travel around the world to take part in lots of events and fairs. If you’re interested, we are happy to organise a 20-minute personalised info-session for you.

To book your place, just click on the link below to fill out the booking form and one of our representatives will get in contact with you to fix an appointment.


Be inspired by articles, podcasts and videos, which can energise your creativity and wish to innovate, stimulating you to seek for a deeper understanding and meaning in all your actions. Here are the ingredients in our recipe for tomorrow.

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