Every year, we at POLIMI GSoM offer several opportunities for Employer Branding, Talent Acquisition & Networking to the employers that collaborate with our business school.

Partnering with HR representatives, we have the common goal of connecting strong potential profiles with firms and organizations looking for new talent.

Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition


Create a talent shortlist

Check out our Master candidates’ profiles by screening their CV Book and sharing your shortlist with us. We’ll be happy to organise an interview and support you through the selection process.


Company presentations, in class-workshops, in-company visits

Target the specific Master students that suit your recruiting needs by engaging in interactive events.

We can help you organise a company presentation, hold a workshop with a business case, or you might even choose to open your doors to our students for a unique company experience


FLEXA platform

This is a dedicated space for company profiles, unlimited job posting, and access to the Talent Bank (which includes Students and Alumni). You can even do a targeted candidate search using our Artificial Intelligence platform and launch challenges.


Recruiting for projects, internships and jobs

Through us, you can recruit MBA candidates to develop a strategic project that has an impact on your business, or offer an internship to our Junior Master students. You could even consider our candidates for job opportunities in your company.

Career Days and Recruiting

We’ve organised several events to get you in touch with potential talent, but we can also organise additional dedicated events at any time through the academic year, based on your company’s needs.

Professional Networking

Top managers and executives of your company can share their experience and meet our Executive MBA candidates, taking part into Career Round Tables and Speed networking events.

Candidate Profiles

Discover our Master candidates in three categories: Junior, Middle and Senior.


Junior Masters

International MBA

Executive MBA



For partnership agreements – Corporate Relations

Tel : +39 02 2399 2820
Email : corporaterelations@gsom.polimi.it

For partnership agreements – Corporate Relations

Tel : +39 02 2399 2820
Email : corporaterelations@gsom.polimi.it