21 June 2022

Purpose Talks: Purpose, Strategy & Innovation


What can we personally do and what is the concrete impact of purpose in the everyday life of a professional?

On Tuesday, 28th June 2022, take part in the fifth of POLIMI Graduate School of Management’s Purpose Talks to answer this questions!

Purpose Talks is a series of events featuring lecturers, consultants, business managers and coaches who will explain how companies and organisations are moving in practical terms towards a new business model inspired by a “higher purpose”, which sees people and society as fundamental elements in creating a successful business.

Do not miss the contributions made by George Serafeim, Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, and Professor Vittorio Chiesa, Chairman of POLIMI Graduate School of Management, who will discuss the role of purpose to align decision making and innovation at a more strategic level, and will then also talk about the implementation of purpose at a concrete leve

The speakers

  • Vittorio Chiesa, Chairman POLIMI Graduate School of Management
  • George SerafeimProfessor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School

The event will be held in English

21 June 2022

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